Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Outpouring of Love

I have seen a tremendous amount of camaraderie and outpouring of love and caring from the time the tornadoes ripped through the Southeast leaving devastation and destruction in its path.  So many families have had their lives torn apart.  For too many, things will never be the same.  If there is any solace to this madness, it is the willingness of everyone to come togethr and lend a helping hand.  Auburn and Alabama are working so closely together.  I even saw on Twitter where Penn State was selling T-shirts with some of the proceeds going to help the victims of in Tuscaloosa.  People are volunteering and wanting to know where they can send supplies, etc.  If you are not on Tweeter, you just would not believe how people are using that social media sight to reach out to people and to get the word out as to what is needed, etc.  And, tonight, I am packing up clothes, shoes and whatever I can find, to put on a truck to Alabama. 

It is so wonderful to see everyone coming together in this time of need.  When all is said and done, people care about their fellow man.   And, say what you want to about Charlie Sheen, but according to the accounts on Twitter, he donated $1M to this cause and spend $5K buying batteries. I say God Bless him. 

My heart breaks for the loss of life. 

Thinking about all of the people in the great State of Alabama as well as the other states that suffered.

From a Roll Tide Girl ----War Eagle!!

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