Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart of Sand Mountain Needs Your Help!!

The Heart of Sand Mountain has a Facebook page with posting of items that are needed to help the victims of the tornadoes.  I spoke with Maria Jay today and here is a list of things that are needed:

Food - canned goods
can openers
Cleaning supplies
Tents, camping equipment --people are living out of tents
Sleeping bags -
grills - charcoal (or those camping type grills)

Geraldine was hit by a tornado a couple of weeks before this big outbreak on April 27 and had not recovered.  Maria is working to provide food to a lot of the smaller communities that are not receiving media attention or help.  She was frantic about the lack of food.

Please help.

13011 Alabama Highway 227
Geraldine, AL 35974
Attn:  Maria Jay

Thank you.

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