Saturday, May 21, 2011

Milking a Cow - Nope, Can't do it!

Memma and I used to go down to the barn everyday to milk old Bessie.  Memma would drag up the milk stool and sit down.  She gave Bessie her "cow food" to take her attention away from the milking.  Old Bessie would chew on the corn or whatever Memma fed her and ever once in a while, Bessie would turn her head around and look at Memma.  A  couple of times, Memma let me try my hand at milking.  No matter how hard I squeezed those udders, I could not get a drop to come out.  Memma held those teets at an angle and squeezed.  She always hit the milk bucket.  Sometimes, she aimed the "teet" towards one of the cats.  Once, Memma let me sit on the milk stool and I squeezed for dear life.  Nothing.  The only thing that I got was a slap in the face from old Bessie's tail as she flapped it around and smacked me good.  I think maybe I was squeezing a bit to hard. 
We would take the milk bucket to the house and Memma would strain it.  I remember not really liking cow milk because I just didn't know what old Bessie ate when she was out in the pasture.  And, if she ate wild, green onions, it was Katie bar the door!

So, who out there can milk a cow?

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