Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ider Needs Help - Please

Ider Rescue Squad -  256-632-2805
Ider Fire Dept – 256-657-4184 Ask for Michael Flynn, Barbara Pillery or Ray Williamson
Baking soda in the small boxes
Lysol Sprya
Laundry detergent
2 cycle oil
Bar oil
Super glue
Clothes pins
Clothes line
Large print Bibles
Sheets all sizes
First Aid supplies
Sleeping bags
Camping Supplies – Coleman lanterns, Propane stoves, Small Propane bottles Charcoal, Portable Grills
Leather Gloves
Sun Screen
Tents, Lawn Chairs, Bug Spray, Flash Lights, Can openers,
Milk, Canned Foods, Baby Formula
Canned Drinks
Basic Baby Necessities
Deodorant , Shampoo, Soap
Breakfast Supplies, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits, Juice, Coffee
Tarps, Nails,

Lots of people living in Tents in the  Ider  area, hot meals being served 3 times a day at the Ider Rescue Squad,  The Catersville Fire Station and at East Brow Church.  Coleman lanterns are nice for people living in tents and bug spray too.

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