Monday, May 23, 2011

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches / Panini's

How about a pimento cheese grilled sandwich or a panini?  My Memma always made pimento cheese from scratch.  I use a Paula Deen recipe, but of course, like everything else, I add my own touch.  I will give you both versions.

Paula's Pimento Cheese

3/4 cup cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup mayo
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (sharp)
2 cups shredded white cheddar cheese
1 4 oz jar pimentos, drained
2 Tablespoons chopped pickled jalapenos
1/4 tsp salt
In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese and mayo, stirring well.  Add cheddar, white cheddar cheese, pimento, pickled jalapeno, salt, stirring until combined.
Spread 1/2 cup of cheese mixture on bread slice.  Top with bread slice.  Heat panini press, spray with cooking spray, place sandwich on panini press and cook until golden brown (2 to 3 minutes).

Brenda's Pimento Cheese
Add a chunk of Velvetta cheese ---a cup --to the above mixture and I also add pepper.

You can also use this as an appetizer and spread on crackers.

My Daughter, Holly's Pimento Cheese - Really Simple

Go to Publix, find the Pimento Cheese spread in a container in the dairy says "hot" on it.  Buy a couple of these, take home, empty into a pretty serving dish, and say, "look what I made."  It is really good!

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