Thursday, May 19, 2011


My friend, India and I drove from Atlanta to Geraldine, Alabama on Wednesday to drop off canned goods, cleaning supplies, toiletries, pampers, blankets, back packs and Lord only knows what we had, but one thing for sure, I could not see out of the back window of the SUV.  We were loaded down.  What a good feeling.  So many people actually went out and bought supplies.  My daughter's neighborhood gave tons of stuff.  What a good feeling to see how people come together to help others in time of need.  Those ladies in Geraldine were so nice and are working very hard for Sand Mountain.

Of course, I couldn't go to Alabama without driving down that mountain to Scottsboro and on to Larkinsville to see my family.  I told my Mother and my Aunts that I might not have time to see them as this was a day trip.  But, I made it and boy was I glad.  They had lunch ready and since the day was cloudy and cool, they had homemade vegetable soup waiting on us.  Yes, hot, soup, cornbread fresh from the over and guess what else?  A peach cobbler.  Yes M'am, a homemade peach cobbler.   I love my family.  They are the jewels of the nile!  They also had made some cookies.  Yummy!

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