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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Balloons and Entertaining the Little Ones

Sometimes the simple things in life can thrill the daylights out of little ones.  Late one afternoon, Papa told Taylor, our nearly five year-old granddaughter that he had one more trick up his sleeve.  He filled balloons with water and we went out into the backyard and yes, I got blasted by both of them.  She giggled and laughed and thought having a "water balloon" fight was the greatest thing in the world.  I think she actually thought that Papa invented game.

Another thriller for little ones are lightening bugs or fireflies.  We sat on the patio and I remarked, "there are tons of lightening bugs next door, but none in our yard".  I think they heard me as it wasn't long that they were flying all around the rose bushes.  Reminds me so much of days gone by to see those beautiful lightening bugs flitting around.  Memma always provided all of us kids with a canning jar with holes punched in the lid so that we could keep all of our "caught" treasures.  I loved to see them "lighting up" in the jar.  Of course, if one didn't let them out of the jar, they would be dead as door nails in the morning.

Summer, there is nothing like it.  I remember sitting outside under a tall old tree, eating a big slice of watermelon.  Granddaddy would always buy a huge watermelon for all of us kids.  We sat out on the bench of the picnic table with watermelon and yes, a salt shaker.  Memma spread a newspaper on the table.  And, yes, we did spit the seeds across the table at each other.  That was part of the fun of eating a watermelon.  My favorite meal is Publix fried chicken and a slice of watermelon.  And, for those of you leaving near a Costco check out their watermelon.  I have had several from Costco this summer and they are so sweet.

The lazy days of summer.  Gotta love it.  We just had a storm here in Atlanta and things have cooled off a bit.  However, I am so sure it will be hot again tomorrow.  I have no complaints.  I love summertime.

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