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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Days of the Week - Wash Day, Ironing Day, Cleaning Day

Do you all remember growing up that everyday was a day for something?  I mean one day was wash day, one day was ironing day and there was a day for cleaning.  And, during the summer, everyday was canning day.  My Memma used to get out in that garden before it got so hot, and gather the fresh vegetables for canning and freezing.  I can see her now, bent over in the garden, bonnet on her head, apron tied around her waist, a bucket in one hand and the other hand busy picking beans – peas, green beans – squash, radishes, onions.  Lord, the list goes on and on.  Oh, let’s not forget the tomatoes.  Lord, the best tomatoes in the world are fresh from the garden.  I remember one year, (maybe fall of the year??) we even planted peanuts.  I loved helping in the garden.  When the garden started to “come in” as we Southerner’s call it, we would have fresh lettuce, radishes and green onions.  Memma used to make us a salad by taking lettuce, sliced radishes, sliced green onions including the ‘blade’ and she would fry up a batch of fat back and pour the grease over the salad.  That was to die for.  My favorite salad of all.  You have to make this salad, though when you have the fresh lettuce, onions and radishes just coming in. 

So, yes, wash day, ironing day, cleaning day, clean the hardwood floor day, wax the darned hardwoods down on your hands and knees and during the spring, all of the mattresses and box springs went straight outside in the fresh air for a good airing out and cleaning.  Also, remember when sheets were ironed?  Dish towels were pretty, embroidered and ironed?  Pillow cases were ironed?  Oh, and let’s don’t forget those men’s  underwear were ironed.  Everything was washed in a wringer washing machine, hung outside on the clothesline to dry.  Yep, Memma used to make her own clothespin bags. 
Those were the days, my friends, or …hmm.  Well, not sure about all of that ironing and stuff.   Both the days with Memma, those were the days, my friend.  I thought they would never end. 

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