Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sliced Avocado and Turkey Sandwich

I told my friend, India, that I sliced an Avocado and put it on a turkey sandwich.  She told me to try this yummy sandwich.  Take Ciabatta bread, place turkey on one slice, slice Avocado and place on top of the turkey (Mayo optional), top with another piece of Ciabatta, and place on a Panini press.  She says the Avocado melts and is scrumptious.  I am going to try this tonight, for sure. I bought Avocados today at Costco (cheaper than anywhere else).  Also, here is a tip for you:  Once you slice your Avocado, take any left overs and rub on your face, hands, wherever.  It makes the most fantastic moisturize.  A lady at Costco told me today that the pumice or seed in the Avocado can be used to exfoliate along with Avocado pulp.  Don't waste, use any leftovers on  your skin.  You know, that little bit on the back of the peel, rub it all over your hands.  Great for the skin.

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