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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Rolling Store

Way, way back in the day, a big, red bus looking apparatus used to come slowly rolling down the main drag of Larkinsville and go around the circle.  The town of Larkinsville fit inside that big circle.  There were no traffic lights and only a couple of stop signs.  Memma would always take me to "meet"  the Rolling Store.  We would walk from the farm across the railroad tracks to the main street and the Rolling Store would slow down and stop in front of Ms. Metcalf's house.  She was a sweet old lady.  Just loved her to death.  She would come out as well.  We stood and the driver would turn away from his duties as driver of the "Rolling Store" and face the window.  He would turn down a "counter top" and sit there and wait on all of his customers.  Memma usually treated me to a piece of penny candy.  I loved the penny candy because this was an extra reward for all of that cotton I picked.  Does anyone remember the Rolling Store?  Was it called the Gibson Rolling Store? 

Yawl Come Back Now, You Hear?

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