Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Throw Away Those Orchids

I bought a pretty orchid plant in Costco several years ago.  There was a tag on it that read, "When the blooms die just simply throw the plant away and buy another one.  They are so cheap."

After the blooms died, the leaves were still a beautiful shade of green so I decided to enjoy the leaves until they fell off, died or do whatever Orchid leaves do.  A year later, I was still enjoying the green of the Orchid leaves and guess what?  You got it.  I saw a litt bud or two and by golly, that thing bloomed again.  And, my beautiful Orchid blooms each year.  How about that? 

As my neighbor was preparing to move back to London, she brought over an Orchid plant and left for me.  It was in bloom and the same thing.  A year later, it is blooming again.  What a pleasant summer surprise.  I keep the plants on the ledge of the tub close to a bathroom window.  Never knew that I could be an Orchid grower!  I think that I will buy a couple more.  How neat will that be to have a room full of Orchids?

Yawl come back now, ya hear...Never know what you are going to see on this blog.

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