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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Family Reunion - and Aunt Ilene's PB Cake

We traveled to Alabama yesterday (six hour trip - 3 hours over and 3 hours back) and all I could think about was my Aunt Ilene's Peanut Butter Cake.  We got to Alabama early and as it was First Monday, some of our group had to go around the Courthouse Square to see all of the goodies on display.  Taylor and I spent some time in the garden at my Aunt's house.  We gathered fresh lettuce, washed it and ate some like little rabbits.  Then, it was off to Cousin Joey's house for the reunion.  Cousin Joey lives in my Great-Grandmother and Grandfather's house.  He has really fixed it up nice.  He farms there and has cows, etc so it was nice for the kids to get to see the farm animals.  Talk about food.  I knew that it would be impolite to just go for the PB cake right off the bat so I got in line and tired the fresh corn, green beans, cole slaw, home-made barbecue (by Charlene and Scotty).  They had everything from watermelon and canteloupe to 7 ingredient salad, sweet potato casserole, fried chicken.  I wolfed that down and went straight to the dessert table.  Well, I looked and I looked.  WHAT!  NO PB CAKE.  I politely got some of Marissa's Butter Finger Cake which was to die for, too, but I really wanted the PB cake.  Also, Annie had a delicious coconut cake.  And, then there was Red Velvet Cake, Italian Creme Cake, but no PB cake.  I thought maybe I missed it.  I went to the drink table and looked.  I looked under the table.  Fnally, I sat down and whispered to one of my Aunt's., "Where is the PB cake?"
"She forgot it," she informed me.  I thought I would just pass out right then and there.  "I'll go back for it, " I informed her.  Well, I looked around and did not see Aunt Ilene.  Bless her heart.  She went all of the way back from Boxes Cove to Larkinsville to get that PB cake.  There was a happy ending to the day after all.

Now, my family had a fit over Marissa's dessert.  Here is the Butter inger Cake recipe provided by Marissa.

1 Box of yellow cake mix
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 butterfinger candy bars
Large container cool whip

Bake cake as directed on box.  Let cool. Poke holes in the cake  with a fork and pour sweetened condensed milk over it.  Spread large container cool whip over the cake. Crush butterfinger bars over cool whip.  Drizzle with caramel.  Eat and enjoy!

Yawl come back now, ya hear!

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