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Friday, June 17, 2011

More "Me and Carol" stories

I had a lot of comments regarding my Best Friends story about Carol and myself.  We have so many stories.  We had so much fun growing up.  My Mom says that we were always giggling and laughing and being just plain silly.  Carol was and still is a beautiful girl and has a body to boot.  I always say that she looks as if she walked out of a fashion magazine. 
We were always trying to get attention (me...she always got plenty of attention from everyone).  So, one day, we came up with a plot.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  No one loved me.  I had a boyfriend.  One of those kind of sort of things. So, we schemed.  Carol went to school and told all of our friends that I had the big C. Yes, cancer.  Now, back then, you rarely heard of anyone having cancer.  She put on her sad face as she spun her tale.  The morning routine was to meet your friends in the auditorium and chit chat before school.  Well, I walked in the morning after Carol had shared my fate with everyone.  I got pitiful looks and all of our friends just scurried away.  So, this went on for a week or so and all I got was a little bit of sympathy but nothing big.  I cannot recall who found out about it, but someone did. The story got back to Carol's grandmother who told Carol's grandmother.  Finally, the story made its way to one of Carol's neighbors.  She was a funny lady who had a South Alabama accent.  She came over to talk to Ruth (Carol's Mom).  Carol's Mom told her about my sad situation.  So, this lady says, "They, Lord have mercy.  I was just over there (talking about my house) and Boots told her to get her lazy buns off that couch and wash the dishes." 
Well, they couldn't figure out what in the heck was wrong with my Motherfor talking to me like that since I was on my dying bed. This lady kept shaking her head thinking my Mother had gone off of her rocker.
 Ruth looked around and saw Carol in the hallway bent over laughing so hard that she was crying.
Yes, we nearly got a good, old fashioned beating for that one.

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