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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Aunt Ilene - Quilting, Baking, Cooking, Canning - at 80

My Aunt Ilene is one of the best cooks in the world.  I shared her Peanut Butter icing recipe on here awhile back.  She makes the best peanut butter cakes in the world.  I think I bragged about eating 1/2 of a cake last time I was home.  She loves to bake.  Maybe that is where I get my love of baking cakes from.  I love pretty cake platters, too.  Nothing like walking into a clean kitchen with a beautiful cake sitting on a pedestal cake plate. 
Well, not only does Ilene bake wonderful cakes, but she embroiders beautiful designs and makes quilts.  She did a gorgeous State Bird Quilt. Ilene hand embroiders each square and sets together.  She is making each little girl in our family a doll quilt (really big enough to be a baby quilt).  I am so excited because little Taylor and Katie are going to get their quilts this weekend.  She also cans.  She spends a lot of the time during the summer breaking beans, shucking corn, and peeling tomatoes.  Yes, there is nothing like fresh vegetables from a canning jar.  And, this woman is ---well, maybe a little bit over 80 years young.  She doesn't look a day over 60!  She has always been one of my favorite Aunts.  She has a heart of gold and is very loving and kind.  She is so good to people.  Probably like my Mom...good to people to a fault.  But, she is another Jewel of the Nile from Larkinsville. 

Wow, Larkinsville really turned out some good, good people many who are now smiling down upon us from heaven.  But, we still got a lot of precious people left.  Of course, we want to hold onto them forever!

Yawl come back now, ya hear!

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