Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over Forty and Loving It? Well, Rock it! en pleine floraison

To the over forty population -  are you tired of seeing those glamorous twenty year-olds in magazines displaying their skinny bodies, toned muscles, boobs under their chins and rocking five-inch heels?     Why don’t they show pictures of the over forty, over fifty, over sixty, seventy and eighty crowd?  Can we not look glamorous, classy or chic at that age?  Do the editors of these magazines not understand who has the purchasing power?  Do they not care?  Obviously, they do not care and they do not need to care.  Well, we are going to change that!  Seldom do we pick up a magazine and see photographs of people of age. 
 And, what really set us off is an article on an online major network.   It read, “Swimsuits for women over  forty”.   We immediately clicked on the article and there was not one two- piece swimsuit.  They were all one- piece granny type swimsuits.  So, is that saying that we shouldn’t wear a two- piece? 
Well, we say, if the shoe fits, wear it.  And that shoe (the article) just does not  fit.  If we want to wear a two- piece and we think that we have the body for it, who is to stop us?  Who is to say that we cannot wear whatever we feel most comfortable and look our best in?
We are going to revolt!  A hairdresser in Atlanta  at least ten years ago, told one of us to stop wearing blue eye-shadow  as that blue shadow should not be worn by women over forty. He recommended a light shade of brown.  Well, he should have been told to concentrate on hair and not the color of one's shadow.
And, those six inch heels, if we can walk in them and if they are comfortable, we wear them.  Don’t try to put us in a pair of lace up shoes and a granny dress.   And, don’t tell us  that we cannot wear a short dress, at our age.  If we want to wear a short dress, we will.  Case in point, one of us walked into shop in an Atlanta mall recently.   The sales clerk asked if she could help.  She was asked about a cute mandarin orange dress.  The color was gorgeous.  She said, “I need to point out that the dress is short”.   Duh,  “so?"
We think clothing should be worn tastefully, but we don’t agree that women or men should be tossed aside just because they are over a certain age.   We decide what is tasteful, what we want to wear, what we think we should wear and what we do not wish to wear.   Society doesn’t make those decisions for us.  We are not our mothers,  we do not wear our daughter’s jeans; however, if we are so minded, we will.  In fact, skinny jeans are quite cool and leggings are quite comfortable.
The moral of all of this is:  Shame on all of the magazines that toss all of us “oldies” to the curb.  There is one thing to do about that:  Stop buying the magazines.  And, while we are on a role, don’t tell us that our opinion doesn’t matter  and don’t hide us in the middle pages of some magazine or newspaper.  We want the front cover, baby! And, more importantly, we want our voices heard.  Our opinion does matter.
So, here is to all of you out there over forty , fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and even ninety!  Have a cosmopolitan enjoy life.  If you can rock it, wear it.  If you cannot, you might want to think twice about it.  Your decision, you decide.  For us, we are not going down without a fight!  As long as we can swing it, we will sting it.  Sting, baby, sting! 
 We know a lady who is eighty-eight years young and she is known to have a Cosmo with her girls and daughter-in-law.   Here’s to you, Joycie - It's Five O'clock Somewhere!  Rock it Girl!
In closing, we leave you with inspirational words from an era gone by, "Flower Power and Stay in the Zone" for you have the freedom to do and be as you please. More to come, pass this on to your friends and family.  All comments welcome.
en Pleine Floraison,   (In full bloom)

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