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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Places to Bargain Shop

Some of the greatest places to shop, especially for women's clothing are Ross and Kohl's.  My daughter-in-law, Linda, turned me on to the great bargains at Ross.  I found a dress for my Mother-in-law to wear to a rehearsal dinner for $14.  And, it was very nice.  While I was looking, I found a dress that I bought a Macy's for no telling how much, right there on the rack at Ross's.  It was $39.  Also, Ross has great brand name shoes such as Nine West and Guess.  I was also looking for peasant blouses as they are quite the thing now.  Guess where I found them?  You got it!  Right there at Ross for $12.  You have to sometimes really look, but you never know the bargains that you will find at Ross.  They also have name brand purses as well.
Kohl's on the other hand, has great deals to especially in children's clothing.  Love shopping their children's department.  They have cute long dresses for summer and that is the fashion thing right now.  If you are into Vera Wang (I am not) she designs for Kohl's.  She does have some cute shoes.
Of course, my favorite place is Marshall's especially if I am on the market for shoes.  I bought 4 pair of shoes at Marshall's for less than $80.  They have many styles in the new wedge sandals.  I found a pair of pink wedge sandals for $12.  And, I have bought Kate Spade shoes at Marshall's.  Found a Tory Burch purse and a Kate Spade purse there as well. 
And, then, if you really want to shop, there is Off Saks Fifth Ave.  That is my favorite store.  They have great bargains, especially when they have sales.  They do have Tory Burch shoes at a good price sometimes.  The Off Saks Fifth Avenue in Hilton Head is the best one that I have found.  They always have great shoe selections.
And, then of course, there is the old faithful - Target and Wal-Mart.  I think Target is over-priced; however, you can usually find great knock-offs at Target.  I found all of my Twilight t-shirts at Wal-Mart for $5each.
So, there you have it, folks!  Looking for anything special?  Just ask me where to find it.  I just might know.
Oh, Yes, Yes, I was about to forget my favorite place in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!  UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE - Scottsboro, Alabama.  I bought about 10 pairs of shoes the last time I was there.  I love that place.  Love, love it!
Happy Shopping!!

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