Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slipping Around When I was Younger

. As someone in my family would say, they  law...and they would really drag out the "law" almost to say lawdy but not quite.  Anyway, I remember my Granddaddy working at Latham's grocery in Larkinsville.  Granddaddy always wore his overalls and on Sunday, they were freshly starched and ironed.  I think he also wore a crisp, white cotton shirt underneath the overalls.  Bless his little ole heart.  He was the sweetest man on earth and I loved him more than life.  I followed him around and would often be known to get in his face and tell him that I was his favorite grandchild and he should just admit it.  Yes, I was the devil in a home-made flour sack dress.  Anyway, back to the store, I used to go into the store in the mornings before school and after school, I got off the bus in front of the store.  Of course, I would always go into the store to get my coke in a bottle and a pack of peanuts.  Granddaddy would always say, "How's it going, Bremp?" and we would chit chat.  Well, sometime between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, my cousins and I experimented with nasty old cigarettes.  Grandaddy must have guessed such, because the, "How's it going, Bremp," was replaced with "Now, your aren't smoking are you, Bremp?"  Well, one summer day, I walked into the store.  I forgot that earlier in the day I had been sitting under a bridge with a couple of my cousins, puffing on a smoke.  And, that the pack of cigarettes had been given to me for safe keeping and I had stuck them down my blouse.  Uh, huh!  Yes, you got it.  Just as I shook my head no to Granddaddy to the smoking question, the pack fell out on the concrete floor right in Latham's store.  Yep, I high tailed it out of there for sure!  That put a hiatus on my smoking. 

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