Friday, July 29, 2011

Charlene aka Charlie's Memories

Charlene sent me a message on FB and here are some of her favorite memories...I need her to post on here...

  • the dogwood tree at Memma's ...all of the kids climbed that dogwood tree..not sure how it is still, grandkids, great-grandkids...all had a shot at that tree...
  • Making mud pies and tasting them...that is a classic...Charlene I had forgotten how we used to do that...We did that at Memma's and on the old farm across the railroad tracks..out under that big old shade tree
  • Shock theater on Saturday night...Ha that is a good one..I used to watch that with Mama
  • Riding in the back of my that had to be a treat!!  Especially as I was learning to drive the stick shift..
  • And, she remembers Lay's slaw dogs...Lordy, how good were they?  I loved those.
And a few more:

  • That peanut butter candy (hard shell candy) at Elmore's
  • Cashews at Elmore's - they don't taste the same anymore
  • Doing the hula hoop on the square in S'boro trying to sell the hula hoops for Elmore's (Dime Store)
  • Going to the gin with Granddaddy with a wagon load of cotton and watching that big old tube come down into the wagon and Granddaddy would move that thing around and suck up the cotton
  • Drinking Kool-Aid on hot summer days
  • Making home made ice cream in the old hand crank ice cream makers
  • Memma's blackberry cobbler's on Sunday
  • Memma's hot banana pudding with the meringue on top
  • Memma's poor man's cobbler
  • Aunt Lorene's cornbread
  • Aunt Lorene's scrambled eggs
  • Me, Jean and Charles sitting in the barn loft and a big old black snake got between us and the ladder to go down....
  • Me and Jean going "partially" skinny dipping in a creek out at Skyline and Charles stealing our Clothes and we had to walk up the road to the house in our underwear..(what we sent swimming in)
  • Ms. Fern playing the piano at the L'ville Methodist Church
  • Cousin Sammy
  • Me and Carol always talking about "hobo'ing a train
  • Revival at the L'ville Methodist Church
  • Summer Vacation Bible School 
Keep the good old days coming..boys and girls.

More from Charlene:
Stomping around the mud holes at Memma's after a fresh rain...with Memma and her big size 10 foot right behind us...and Boyd shooting Jo with a BB gun and Ilene getting a belt after him....
Hugh Latham's store...getting potato chips, coke and a candy bar from the store for 25 cents...
Black and white TV's and having to go outside and turn the antenna to get another station...we only got three..that is a good one, Charlene ..and she says having to stomp the floor to make the TV stop rolling.  Also, when Jo would see company coming up the dirt driveway..she would grab a broom and sweep stuff under the rug (we used to do that too). And, listening to Johnny Horton...some of Cecil's favorite music and dancing around while listening.  Good times!!!

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