Friday, July 22, 2011


So, again, I am on my soapbox about magazines that never ever feature women past their 40's.  We may be into our 40's, 50's, yadda, yadda, but we are not past our prime.  We still have spark, we still have get up and go and we can still rock it out with the best of them.  Right?  I mean, heck, men can do it.  Now, yes, we do have a few wrinkles, well, maybe more than a few.  We have the stresses of life on our face, the worries of struggling, the pain of some of life's experiences written all across our faces.  But, we have wisdom, we have power and we know what the you know what we are talking about.  So, this is my latest gripe.  I want and need a new hairstyle.  So, I buy several magazines...Hairstyle, Short HairStyles, etc.  Everyone of the hairstyles in those magazines feature girls in their 20's and 30's.  I have nothing against girls in their 20's and 30's.  I have daughters that age.  I have daughter-in-laws that age.  I love them and God Bless them. But, how the heck do I know if one of those hairstyles works for me?   Have you ever picked out a hairstyle from one of those magazines and excitedly trotted off to your stylist for the cut only to recant later, "what the shystola have I done?"  So, maybe there should be a hairstyle magazine that shows some of those same hairstyles on women with a few signs of having lived?  Hmm--maybe we could call it..not Hairstyles for old women for sure.  How about ...oh, no, I have it.  Hey, Carol, I have the name for our magazine,  honey!  Bitchy Old Women!! BOW!! We have the right!! We have earned it!!

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