Monday, July 18, 2011

Charming Charlie's - Shop for Costume Jewelry, Purses, etc.

 Do you recall Sarah Coventry jewelry?  I would love to have vintage Sarah Coventary.  Not sure what happened to all of that jewerly that my Mom and Aunts wore back in the day.  My Aunt Ilene (yes, besides baking, she used to make beautiful "ear bobs").  Yes, she did, back in the day.  Well, that gets me to Charming Charlie's, a chain boutique of sorts.  One can find all kinds of colorful jewerly, pearls, earrings, rings, etc.  You can find anything your little heart desires and the prices are fantastic.  I bought several things there this weekend.  I bought one of those plastic colorful watches for $10 and they sell the real thing at Nordstrom's for..?? maybe $65.  Anyway, ladies, if you need something to go with that little black dress that you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for, check out Charming Charlie's.  It's a great little place to find purses, clothes, and jewelry.  Also, this fall, when you are looking for leggings, check them out at this store.

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