Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LA LARKs Founding Member - Little Zeke

My cousin Boyd (little Zeke), back in the day, used to call Larkinsville, or a team of boys or something ---maybe those that gathered at the old feed mill to raise a little cain and play ball ...he called them THE LA LARKs. Boyd was the founding member.  What a little "hell" raiser.  Boyd had a heart of gold, he could barbecue like no other, and I don't know anyone that looked better in a cowboy hat, a cool shirt, jeans and a big axx belt buckle and rock a pair of cowboy boots.  Yep, that was Boyd.  My Mama tells about him being a litle dare devil when he was younger.  Always threatening to throw grass on her freshly mopped floors.  She tells how she dared him to throw the handful of grass outside, and he did.  I tried to do a painting of Boyd, but I know he was smiling down from heaven saying, "you ain't got it in ya, now have you girl?"  And, I just couldn't nail it, but it wasn't from a lack of trying. Boyd, I will go at your portrait again, though.
After I moved to Atlanta and would go home on the weekends, he would always come to see me.  A funny story.  This must have been back in the 80's.  My husband, a runner,would often timesgo for a run around Larkinsville when we were visiting.  Boyd stopped one morning and asked my husband if he wanted to ride with him to some cabin.  Now, again, this was the 80's and running shorts weren't quite as long as they are now.  Before got to the cabin, Boyd told him, "Well, now, I don't know what the fellas are going to say about those shorts you got on."  I think Tom immediately thought of the movie "Deliverance".  Boyd did like to tease and laughed at the concerend look on my husband's face.  A Yankee boy at that, you know.

Any way - I cannot to this day believe that he is gone.  Gone, but never forgotten. 

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