Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Peachtree Road Race - 2011

Oh, Billy Bob, I am still sore today from running the Peachtree yesterday.  Not only is it a 6.2 mile heist, but there is a lot of other walking involved.  From parking and getting to Marta, to getting to your group, then after you cross the finish line, you have to, of course, get your t-shirt.  Then, there is the hellacious walk back to Marta and then to your car.  So, all in all, you probably put in about 10 miles of running and walking.  I was so sore I just wanted to crawl off in a hole somewhere.  Fortunately, my husband gave me a little reprieve, he let me wait underneath a shade tree, while he jogged to the parking lot to get the car.  But, I still logged a good 10 miles yesterday.  Maybe I can do that half marathon, or not?  I think not.  It is an experience!  However, I had rather be sitting on the beach somewhere or eating watermelon and fried chicken instead of battling the heat and the crowd.

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