Thursday, July 14, 2011

High School Reunion - October 2011

I have yet to attend a high school reunion. Why?  Well, I just have my reasons I guess.  And, that is neither here nor there; however, this year, I plan on attending the reunion.  It is going to be sad, though.  I am going to look around and there are those that are no longer with us that will be missed.  Thanks to Arnold for putting together that video and thanks to Arnold, Wanda, Nancy, Denny, Ginger and a slew of others for making me want to go this year.  Am looking forward to it.

Now, I remember oh so well, my cousin, Charles Utter...I wish that he could be there but I will go and I will think of him and how I used to do his homework for him.

I cannot name them all...but Arnold, you did them proud with your video. 

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