Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Remember the Simple Things in Life, do you?

A facebook friend posted a message about putting peanuts in a bottle of coke.  Can you remember doing that?  Let's make a list of things that we remember doing when we were oh so young at heart and loved life (not that we don't now).  We were all once so young and innocent.  So, here goes:

I remember:
  • Pouring a pack of salty peanuts in a bottle of coca cola (you know the small bottle).
  • Eating moon pies - but Michael, not with the RC Cola (R O C Cola)
  • Banana sandwiches - How many of you have had a banana and mayo sandwich?  I still eat them today.
  • Fried bologna sandwiches - and those of you from Scottsboro know that for lunch, we would walk to the Variety Bake Shop and get a fried bologna sandwich (with mustard of course) for 15 cents
  • Those gooey cinnamon rolls from Variety Bake Shop with lots of nuts on top...what were they called?
  • Tomato and mayo sandwiches...Yummy and you have to put lots of mayonnaise on the bread (that is about the only time that I like a lot of mayo).  Oh, don't forget the salt. 
  • Watermelon...My granddaddy giving me 50 cents to buy a big old watermelon from a truck farmer...bringing it home and slicing it up.  All of us kids would sit out under the shade tree at Memma's picnic table watermelon juice dripping down our arms.  And, of course, we didn't forget the salt.
  • Spitting those watermelon seeds across the picnic table at each other.
  • Fried chicken on Sunday after church.  Always hoped that the preacher didn't eat with us, because he always got the best piece.  Back then, I liked the pulley bone.  Hey, do you see the pulley bone anymore?
  • Holding onto the pulley bone with a cousin and breaking it apart to see who got the longest piece. (Who knows that means?  I have forgotten).
  • Twisting the core or stem of an apple, saying the ABC's and whatever letter the thingy broke off on, we had to name a boyfriend whose name began with that letter.
  • Sucking the juice out of a honeysuckle.
  • Blowing on a blackberry before popping it in our mouths...
  • Hodges Drug store, for those of you like me from Scottsboro area ---they had the best spiced ham sandwiches around and fountain cokes. 
  • First Monday - Scottsboro Alabama, when you couldn't find a parking spot to save your life and forget about Labor Day because cars were parked all of the way to Larkinsville.
  • Grape cobbler - yes, Memma made a grape cobbler with grapes picked from her grape vines.
  • Smoking rabbit tobacco (rolled up in strip of paper sack).  Come on, admit it, you tried it.  Well, if you were from Larkinsville you did. And, hey, we thought it was rabbit tobacco anyway.
  • Walking the railroad tracks --you know the shiny silver rail...trying to balance yourself and not fall off.
  • Putting a penny on the railroad tracks and going back after the train ran over it, to find it.
  • The first time you found out what Mountain Oysters were...
  • Do you remember the first time that you found out that you wouldn't live forever?
  • Do you remember that anytime you mentioned some one's name in front of your Memma, how she would always figure out how you were related?  Even if it was a boyfriend? She always found a way to have you a cousin of a cousin...or kinfolk some way or another.
  • Being excited to go to your Grandparent's house on Christmas Eve?  Knowing that they would have a crate of oranges and a crate of apples for all of the grand kids to enjoy?  Yes, I do mean in a wooden crate.
  • Smelling the smell of Christmas in Memma's right after Thanksgiving?  Because that is when she started baking those delicious cakes for Christmas?
  • Picking cotton and the smell of fresh fallen due on the cotton in the mornings?
  • The sound of a choo choo (freight train) train going by in the middle of the night?
  • Getting candy thrown at you from the engineers on the freight train?   Especially when we were picking or hoeing cotton in the field by the RR tracks? 
  • Finding a watermelon in the middle of the cotton patch and eating the heart right out of it?  Never happened to me, but some people say it happened to them.
  • Eating a persimmon before it was ripe?  That really made your pucker pucker.
  • Always wondering what the heck was inside that big old green thing that grew on trees and fell off in the road...I think they were called crab apples?
  • Looking for arrowheads in the middle of a field?
  • Digging for Indian beads?
  • Going fishing with a fishing cane and a can of worms?
  • Eating dirt?  Putting dirt in an old snuff can and pretending that it is snuff?  Because, whether you want to admit it or not, back in the day, someone in  your family was a dipper!
  • Getting those Cuckleberries (is that what they are called?) all in your hair?  Really twisted up good in your hair?
  • Playing in a fresh pile of leaves?  Making a "pretend" car out of the leaves and scattering them all over the yard?
  • Playing Annie Over?
  • Playing drop the handkerchief at parties when you were a teen?
  • Being taken Sniper hunting for the first time?
  • Finding a baby bird on the ground and trying to nurse it along so that it could fly?
  • Planting seeds - flower seeds, seeds in the garden, and watching them grow?
  • Walking the tommy walkers in elementary?
  • A 5&10 cents store (way before the dollar store).  Not sure why it was called the 5&10 or the Dime store, because everything cost more..but they sold everything from candy to clothes, to bras..which reminds me of a funny story that I may have already shared, about the man coming into the dime store to buy a bra for his wife and when I asked what size, he looked puzzled.  He held out his hands and told me that she was about the size of a grapefruit.  Hmm.
  • Going to the movie theater ...the Ritz in S'boro or the Bocanita...
  • Slipping into the drive-in....Piling kids into the trunk of a car..yes, some of my FB friends...if you search your memory a little bit, you can remember that we did that.  Pulled into the parking meter thing and parked beside someone we knew..yes, we sort of kind of got nailed.
  • Swimming at the Jackson County Park..hanging out when we were young.  We also used to go parking down there. 
Okay, I will have to think of some more things, but what do you all remember?


  1. Love This!! - Did you ever play "Spin The Bottle" with some of the younger boys in town, "just for practice"??? I remember catching a June Bug and parading it all over Larkinsville on a thread. My 50 cent haircuts from Mrs Henderson...Walking to School (stealing Apples from a tree along the way), searching the roadside for Coke bottles, (we could get 2 cents each for them) Being in Mrs Thorhton 2nd grade Class when Mrs Boozer from across the street came and told us JFK had been shot. Hittin' the Blue Hole.. "Splittin' post", buying 3 comics for a quarter from Tidwell store at the Crossroads, sleeping with just the screen door closed,Pop Virhine's grist mill, my shiny nickle from tooth fairy...BIG TREAT was going to the fair

  2. and
    beer cans had to have a church key to open them (aka can opener)