Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Will at Scottish Rite - no pain blood work

I went with my daughter-in-law, Stephanie to take Will (who is three) to have an ultrasound and blood work.  I think Steph and I were both dreading the blood work.  I hate needles.  I asked Steph if they were going to prick his finger, and she said, "no".  So, I knew that I would probably pass out ...but they asked Stephanie if she wanted  Will to have this "numbing lotion".  They explained that we would have to wait 30 minutes for it to take effect.  Well, we both said, "yes".  After, 30 minutes, they took Will back to draw 3 tubes of blood.  We never heard a peep out of him.  Stephanie was holding him in her lap and the nurse kept asking her if she was going to be alright.  I kept my head turned away from the needle.  Will sat there and watched cartoons and never even booed!  How neat is that.  I told the nurse about my fear of needles and she said for me to always ask for a pediatric needle in the future instead of letting them use one of those "horse" needles on me.  I will certainly remember that. 

And, Will was just the best!!!

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