Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tractor - Brenda and Carol

The Tractor

One weekend Carol’s Mom and Dad left to go on a fishing trip to Florida with Carol’s sister and her husband.  They were going to do some deep-sea fishing.
“Yee-haw”, we squealed when we found out.  Hot dang, pay dirt.  Carol and I thought that we would have the two-ton log truck all to ourselves.  That would mean Friday and Saturday night in town.  We couldn’t wait.
Peter Dick was smarter than we gave him credit.  Carol and I had talked and planned all week for the weekend.  Peter Dick left a load of logs on the truck.  Chained down and everything.  There was no way on God’s green earth that we would be able to get those logs off that truck.  Carol’s brother, Ray, was in Viet Nam and his car was parked in their driveway.  Carol knew where the keys were. Gone.  Yes, gone!  Or, was it that her older sister let the air out of the tires?   They really had our number!  That left the trusty old tractor.  That Friday night, Carol and I got all dolled up and got on the tractor.  The lights did not work, so I held a flashlight for Carol so that she could see.  We backed the tractor out of the driveway onto the road and headed for town.  We did not get too far.  It went dead right smack dab in the middle of the road.   We tried cranking it again.  Nothing. 
About that time here comes my Mama down the road.  She had been visiting Memma and Granddaddy.  “They Lord have mercy,” she signed.  “What in the name of God do you two think you are doing?”
“Nothing now,” I muttered.
“You two are gonna kill your fool selves,” Mama yelled.
A girl and her boyfriend came along and helped us get the tractor off of the road and back in front of Carol’s house.
My Mama said that we had better never pull anything like that ever again.  I don’t think she told Carol’s Mama.

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