Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend celebrating with all of the family.  Tom and I went down to Hilton Head early, ahead of the gang, and had a wonderful two days before everyone started to arrive.  The next few days were filled with golfing and a most interesting golf challenge between Matt K. and Tom.  Needless to say, Tom won.  I am still not convinced that Matt K. didn't let him win.  I hear that the MK is really good.  Well, they had a great time with all of that.  Going to the beach with the kiddies was so much fun.  Watching Will and Taylor romp in the waves with their Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda was so much fun.  They had a blast.  They are lucky to have such a great Aunt and Uncle.   It was so much fun, then it all came to an end.  I was so sad to see everyone leave.  Then, I got to thinking about when they were little kiddies and now they all have their own lives.  Where did the years go?  I had to drive back from the beach by myself to an empty house as Tom left from Savannah to go out of town.  Feeling sorry for myself?  I think you might say that. 


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