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Friday, September 9, 2011

September 11th, 2001

I cannot believe that 10 years has passed since that horrible day.  Our daughter Holly had just gotten married in July of that year.  Matthew had remarked that he might never eat again as Holly was no longer living at home (yes, she did most of the cooking and babying little Mattie).  And, then, I recall sitting at my desk at work and my boss coming over and saying, "Come into the breakroom, something is going on."  I got up and walked into our break area and the TV was on and a plane was flying into the World Trade Center.  I recall thinking that it was a small plane or something.  I msg'd my husband and said, "a plane just hit the WWTC." But, then another plane came zooming into view.  And, about that time we started to hear that these were passenger planes...American Airlines.  My boss at the time's brother was a pilot for American Airlines.  He immediately started trying to find out where his brother was.  "My God, we were under attack."  I sent my husband another message and told him that we were under attack. Then, the Pentagon was hit and that plane that crashed in PA.  This was not supposed to happen in America.  This was something out of a horror movie and I felt as if I was actually watching a movie.  Only, this was real. So real. 

 Later, we were told that we should go home and be with our families.  At the time, Matt was in high school.  I remember just being glued to the TV.  Just being absolutely devastated.  It was a horrible time.  And, all of the stories that came out afterwards.  People being stranded all over America and could not get home.  A friend was in Russia adopting a child and could not get home.  One of the terrorists trained in Lawrenville, GA.   Boxcutters were reported to be on planes in Atlanta.  This was crazy.  This could nto be happening..but it did.  And, still to this day, when I see a plane flying low, it scares me to death. 

I hope and pray that nothing is planned on the 11th or anytime.  I hope that everyone stays safe.  And, I pray for all of those whose lives were changed forever on that dreadful day.

We will never forget.  No, we will never forget.

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