Friday, August 19, 2011

Homebrew and Wildcat

Someone posted a comment about the Blue Hole and mentioned Home brew.  I am telling you. Back in the day my Daddy made a batch of home brew.  We lived in a little old shack across the railroad track and next to a pasture and a orchard of apple trees and thickets of wild flowers.   You know, the kind that smells horrible, although the tiny little blooms of white and yellow are actually quite pretty.  Well, my Daddy and one of his buddies slipped (I say slipped because they did not want my Mother to find out) and made a batch of home brew.  I have no idea how home brew is made.  I was very young when this happened.  Anyway, this man kept coming over to our house and he and my Daddy would slip off down in the pasture claiming they had something to do.  Check on the barn or whatever.  My Mama got very suspicious and I think she might have even followed them one day.  Not really sure.  But, I recall that she found their brew and I think she poured a box of Epsom salt into the mix.  I know that my Daddy and his buddy got really nervous about drinking the brew.  I think they ended up having to pour it out.  Because, I think that his buddy got a little antsy and tried it.  Oh, yes.  Then they knew. 

One time, my Daddy placed a glass of wildcat in our refrigerator.  I had worked in the field hoeing (I prefer to say "hoeing cotton" rather than "chopping cotton" as this always reminds me of my old friend, Nancy, who used to live in Larkinsville and along with myself and some other girls, got fired because we were not good "hoers" of cotton).  Anyway, I had been helping my Granddaddy hoe cotton all day and I came home at noon one day, hot and thirsty.  I opened the refrigerator and saw a glass of water just waiting for me.  I took a big swig and I thought I would die.  My throat felt like it was on fire.  Yes, I drank wildcat, unknowingly.  I guess that I should have asked myself why a "single" glass of water would be in the refrigerator.  But, I didn't ask myself that and Yuk, yuk!

Those were the days!  And, I thought they would never end.  But they did!

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