Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Blue Hole

Growing up, my grandparents lived on a farm and the Blue Hole was at the end of their cow pasture.  There was no way my Memma and Granddaddy would ever let me go near the Blue Hole.  The Blue Hole was a big hole of water that a spring running the length of the pasture emptied into.  The story always was that the Blue Hole didn't have a bottom.  Many of the Larkinsville boys (including the Larkinsville Mafia as I saw them called) tried to find bottom.  I always heard that they couldn't find bottom.  I heard that someone lost their false teeth in the Blue Hole.  Also, Memma always told me the tale of the horse and buggy that ran off into the Blue Hole carrying a man, his wife and two daughters.  They were never seen again.  And, God only knows how many times I have seen cows near the Blue Hole...I mean meandering around the edge and I am certain that cow poop ended up in the Hole.  So, there was seemingly no way for the water in the Hole to be cleaned??  So, why the heck are people still swimming in the Blue Hole?  Does the water not get hot and stagnant?  I don't know.  Back in the day, people always said that the Tennessee River flowed under Larkinsville so I always figured that the man, woman, horses and buggy floated off down the Tennessee River somewhere.  I am not the only one that knows this story.  Most people from Larkinsville heard the story from being passed down for generations.  I know that Marilyn Morris knows about the story. 
Anyway, you want catch me taking a dip in the Blue Hole.

Comments from my Larkinsville buddies??


  1. I've swam in it, and the water is always freezing!!! :) lol.... And I've heard all the stories too, of course passed down from the family! ..... But now that you mention the cow poop Aunt Brenda.... I won't anymore!! Lol

  2. The Blue Hole is a fairly big, DEEP round body of "ice cold" water, and the reason it was not stagnant was because the stream flowed away from the Hole, making it almost crystal clean water to swim in. (the cow poop went down stream and not into the hole)...It has a bottom I'm sure, but the deeper you went the Colder it got,I swam there for many years and never saw anyone bring up sand,and many tried... The Blue Hole was the best to swim in, but there were several holes like it, one beside John D Edmonds house, and another that we did swim in, Blue Springs behind Cat Arnolds old house off of old hwy 72. There was an Old tale that Selby's Pond (that's what we called it in the 60s, kinda dried up now, but was more of a nice Fishing Lake back then) across from Larkinsville Cemetery was started in the early 1800 by a Settler digging a Well,went out the next mornin' and had a lake... it had all type game fish so there might be something to Larkinsville sitting on a Lake or River... back to the Blue Hole, it was a good place for a 15 yr old to sober up after drinking some GREEN (before it was ready) HOMEBREW that severval of us boys had made. ohh the things we do when we are young.