Monday, August 15, 2011

Visiting Upstate NY

I learned several things while visiting Upstate NY this past week.  First of all, I have had their sweet corn before, but it seems that this year it was better than ever.  My sister-in-law cooked the corn in a pot of boiling water; however, my father-in-law simply stuck several ears of corn in the microwave (in the husks) and it was just as good.  So so good.

Secondly, someone told a story about a man who was over a hudnred years old whose skin was wrinkle free.  When asked what he did to have skin like that, he replied, "Noxema".  Well, that sounds easy enough.  You think it is too late to start now?

I have to get a recipe for the clam linguine that I had.  So delicious!  Also, ate at a restaurant called "Eddie's" in Sylvan Beach.  They had the best food and their coconut pie was so good. 

Taylor and I had a blast.  Her Grandpa Leo taught her how to make home-made pizza.  What a wonderful time we had.

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