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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Memories - Ritz Theater in Scottsboro, Alabama

I saw a post by my BFF's daughter, Kellie about sneaking food into a theater and it brought back memories of going to the Ritz in Scottsboro.  I used to spend a lot of time with my cousins who lived on Scott Street in Scottsboro.  They were brother and sister and we were very close.  Their family moved from Skyline to the city and I have plenty of tales about our adventures on Skyline Mountain where the most beautiful shade trees abound.  Anyway, back to the Ritz.

My cousins Mom and Dad were visiting relatives one Friday night and we were home alone.  We decided to go to the movies.  We scrounged enough change to get into the theater; however, we didn't have enough money for popcorn, candy or drinks.  So, what did we do?  We popped a pan of popcorn (there were no microwaves back in the day) and we filled a paper sack with popcorn.  We made a picture of Kool-Aid and took three glasses with us.  We also took some candy bars.  How on earth they let us into the theater with all of those bags, I do not know, but indeed they did.  Wow!  What fun.  I am sure that everyone seated around us could hear the clinking of glasses as we poured the Kool-Aid. 
Oh, did I mention that we left a note for my Aunt to pick us up after the movie?  So, here we come, out of the theater, with our glasses, empty jug that had been filled with Kool-Aid and I don't know what else.  My Aunt was parked in front of the theater waiting for us.  I think she slid down in the seat and tried to ignore us when we walked out.  We embarrassed the living daylights out of her.  She almost gave us a beating for sure.  She, of course, told my Mom, but by the time she told my Mom, she was laughing about it.  We didn't see a thing wrong with what we did. I mean, hey, we were making do, don't you know?

Thanks, Kellie, I had forgotten about our little episode oh so long ago, back in the day.

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