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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Help - the Movie ----Mimi's Take

What can I say? I read the book twice.  Yesterday, I decided to go see the movie.  It has been out since August 10th.  I went to a theater near my house.  Once I purchased the ticket and was inside the theater, I noticed that there was a long line.  The lady infront of me asked, "Did some movie come out this weekend?"  Her companion said, "Yes, Conan, something or other."  The kid taking up the tickets heard us and said, "the line is for "the Help".  It has been like this every since it opened."  Well, was I shocked.  I mean the movie opened August 10th.

After seeing the movie, all I can say is "whadda  burger."  That is Tom's saying for..WOW.

The author, Kathryn Stockett's friend, directed and wrote the script.  They were friends from high school.  What a job.  He was very true to the book.  The movie was 2 hours and 17 minutes long.  The casting of the maids was incredible.  Can you say Academy for Minny and Abilene?  And, although a small part, the guy that played the editor of the newspaper was so like a newspaper editor that I worked for back in the day in Scottsboro.  Not in looks, but character. 

I am praying that this movie will receive and Academy Award.  Best Movie, Best Director for sure, Best Screen Writer, Best Best Best........The lady who played Skeeter's mother was also very good.  And, a special surprise performance by Cicely Tyson as Constantine. 

This movie brought back a lot of memories.  No, growing up, we certainly did not have maids.  However, I do remember a friend of mine back in early 70's who was just devastated of the death of Kennedy and then Dr. Martin Luther King.  I remember going over to see her and she was down on her hands and knees scrubbing the stairs in this building where she worked, tears streaming down her chocolate brown face.  "We've lost a good man," she said speaking of Kennedy.  I  hope that she sees this movie.

So, could rave on and on.  But I will let my actions speak....I am meeting Michelle, Linda and Stephanie at Phipps plaza today to see if for the second time. It is funny, it is sad, if it doesn't touch you, move you, entertain you, make you laugh (yes, the entire theater is clapping and laughing), then I don't know what to tell you.  You probably don't have heart if you are not moved by this movie. 

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