Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Funny or Not so Funny - Twitter or Not to Tweet

So, guys, there were tweets going back and forth last night between two people.  The tweet involved Alabama and one of the guys tweeted, "I heard that the tornado that hit ALA did $3M in improvements".  I am quoting verbatim.  I thought that was tacky.  Not sure what all of the squabbling was over...had to do with Arkansas too.  Anyway, I butted in and said that the comment on Alabama was "tacky".  Guess, what?  This person said, "Just like your fine art."  So, I got out of the fight.  But, given the devastation that happened in my home State, I still say, the comment was worse than tacky.  And, I guess he got me with coming back at my art.  I have two words for that person, "AW".  Figure that one out!

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