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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remembering Maria

I think I have written about Maria before, but am just curious as to who from Larkinsville remembers the sweet, Polish lady that spoke very little English?  She lived down the railroad tracks and made the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever.  She would walk up the railroad tracks and pick cotton with us.  She always brought me a bag of candy and a sandwich for lunch.  She also brought a jug of tea that she shared with me.  I thought she was so pretty.  I never thought about the fact that she left her home in Poland and came to America after the war as a refugee.  She lived and worked for a lady in Larkinsville.  I wander now if she ever thought about going back?  She lost a child and her husband during the war...I think in the ovens.   Maria died and I got her obit from someone and thought it sad that no one really knows anything about her.  It did not seem to matter then that no one knew anything at all or I just find it sad that we couldn't really talk to her. 

She was a part of Larkinsville and I carry memories of her always. 

Rest in Peace, Maria and I am glad that you are with your family now.

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