Friday, August 5, 2011


Hi, everyone!  I have become an Advocate/volunteer for UNICEF.  I wanted to very much do something about the famine that is so devastating in East Africa.  My team link is below.  If you can donate and/or sign on to be a member of my team, that would be so appreciated.  See below from an excerpt that I copied from their website...for volunteers to use.  Also, see my link to my team page.  I chose the team name of "STAMP OUT HUNGER"  because I believe that we can do it.  My Mother always said, "Where there is a will, there is a way". I have the will and I am trying to find the way.  I want to make a difference.  HELP~~PLEASE


It may surprise you to learn that in 60 years of operation, UNICEF has saved more
children than any other humanitarian organization in the world. Our work is simple and
pure. Working in over 150 countries and territories, UNICEF is the only organization that
confronts the whole range of interrelated issues causing kids to die. From nutrition to
protection, emergency relief to education, no other organization surpasses UNICEF’s
vast experience, extensive resources, global presence and perspective in helping save
children’s lives.
There are few issues in the world that are as important and as solvable as saving the
world's children. And, because of that – our work transcends those things that tend to
divide us and divide our world
Supporting UNICEF doesn’t mean that you are of a particular group or belief. It says
nothing about your gender, your religion, your politics, your ethnicity, your nationality,
your sexual orientation, your wealth, or anything else that oft-times separates us. No,
supporting UNICEF means simply that you are willing to act on behalf of children.
Saving the world’s children sounds like an enormous task....and it is. But it isn’t so big a
goal that it's unattainable. It isn’t some pie in the sky mission that’s beyond our reach
Quite the contrary, everything’s that's causing the needless deaths of children each year
is fixable.
UNICEF is the leader because only UNICEF can address all the important issues that
are necessary to change reality for the world’s kids. We represent boots on the ground
expertise; strategic planning; training for mothers and healthcare workers; and delivering
life saving supplies in emergencies.
We know how to do it. We have the tools and the procedures and the connections. But
we need your help. It’s simply a matter of our collective will to say that it's
to fix...that the survival of the world’s children begins with us...each and every one of us.
I hope that you will join us in the fight for child survival, by becoming a volunteer, making
a donation, writing your congressperson, or simply telling someone what you’ve learned
today. Every activity in support of UNICEF has an impact. What will you do?
On that note I thank you for your kind and courteous attention, and for your support of

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