Monday, October 31, 2011

Chocolate Spoons for Hot Chocolate or Coffee

While you melt the chocolate, either in the microwave, or over some simmering water, you need to make your spoons level so that when you pour in the liquid chocolate, it doesn't spill. I simply propped them up .You could use anything suitable - the edge of a plate or chopping board, for example.

Then, spoon in some chocolate.Then you simply go mad with whatever small sweets, silver balls and sprinkles you have. Jelly beans are a must - we all agreed they go nicely with the chocolate, however odd that may sound. If your sweets are chocolate themselves though, wait ten minutes before putting them onto the molten chocolate, just in case they also start melting.

I have made these simply by dipping a spoon into the can use to stir hot chocolate but one thing that I have done over the years is to put a hazelnut or some other "coffee flavoring" in the chocolate and then, I stir my coffee with it.  So delicious and you can give them as gifts.  Get cute little plastic bags and decorative ribbons and give give give to those that you love and want to impress.

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