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Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Christmas Time in the Country

I wrote a poem along time ago about Christmas time in the country.  I wish that I could remember it or find it to share.  It went something like this:

It's Christmastime in the Country..
Smell the Cinnamon in the air
The country is where I long to be
With Memma and Granddaddy
Decorating that old cedar tree
Stringing popcorn from limb to limb
Icicles gleaming here and there
A fire crackling in the grate
Oh, and the smell of that Orange candy cake!

It's Christmastime in the Country
A crate of oranges, a crate of apples
A big ol orange, hole in the middle
filled with a peppermint stick
It's Christmastime in the Country
I long for that smell oh, just once again
I want to see the smile on Memma's face
As she puts the finishing touches on Christmas Eve....

Yes, I don;t remember the rest...and I improvised from the original poem, but you guessed it....

It's getting close to that time of year..that was always so very special.  Thanksgiving and Christmas at their house was simply the best.  Oh, Lord, how I miss them!!!  Gathering at Memma's...what a treat.  And, Charles and Boyd, you little stinkers, you are probably having Christmas and Thanksgiving everyday of the week now.  I just bet you are!!!  And, Cecil , Hap and Kenneth, I can see you two as well.  I think that it was Kenneth who was asked to say the blessing one Christmas and he said something like, Good Food, Good...., Good God, let's eat."  I cannot remember but maybe Charlene will recall what he said.  Some said, "Back your ears and Dive in".  Of course, those prayers were never on Sunday, when the preacher was eating with us.

Anyway....just saying....

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