Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday, Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Memories

Good Morning Friends.  It is a cool Friday here in Atlanta.  I have been taken back in time reading "You know you are from Scottsboro if..." on Facebook.  So many memories and so many good memories.  It is so good to stroll down memory lane and smell the past along the way.  I remember riding around the square in Scottsboro and Christmas shopping this time of year.  I remember the boards creaking as one walked into Woodall's and David Lee's.  I remember the jewelry stores and the Children's Shoppe.  And, I remember Adam's store that had beautiful wool skirts.  Of course, I remember Elmore's and Mr. Merner's smiling face.  What a wonderful man!  He hired me a 13 to work there part time.  And, ah, the wonderful ladies that worked there, including my Memma. 

I remember walking the square and window shopping and the shoe sales at Hammers.  Ah, yes and the Pig House and the Dairy Queen.  And, of course, there was the awesome event each and every First Monday of the month.

And, there was this time of year, getting ready for two things:  Alabama vs. Auburn football game and Thanksgiving.  I remember the smells of Thanksgiving filling Memma's kitchen.  The baking and the cooking that went on. And, I remember everyone gathering in on Thanksgiving day.  I can see Memma smiling as her kitchen table filled with the first "setting down" to eat.  Of course, that was the men folks.  I remember salivating top get the drumstick of that big old bird.  And, I just remember Scottsboro and the faces and the buildings and the trees and the mountains and the Tennessee River.  And, not realizing how blessed we were.  Oh, as I have said before..If those trees could talk..

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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