Friday, January 20, 2012

Felt Name Book - for the Babies -

Materials Needed:
- Sheet of Wonder-Under (can be found next to the interfacing at your local fabric store)
- Felt pattern pieces (already cut and ready to go)
- Iron/ ironing board
- Press cloth (I either use a thin washcloth or a thin dish towel) 
- scissors (I use paper scissors to cut the Wonder-Under, NOT my cloth-only scissors)
- pencil

The How-To:
1. Lay out your felt pattern pieces on your page the way you want it to look once it's all finished. 

2. Pull out your Wonder-Under. Notice that your Wonder-Under has two different sides, a shiny rough side, and a more matte-looking smooth side. Place the Wonder-Under with the shiny rough side facing DOWN.  

3. Take all your felt pattern pieces and flip them so that the RIGHT side is facing DOWN on the Wonder-Under. Trace around all your pattern pieces. This doesn't have to look pretty or be precise.

4. Once you have all the pieces traced you are going to begin cutting them out. Don't bother cutting on the line though, cut about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch INSIDE the line. You want the pieces of Wonder-Under to be slightly smaller than the pieces of felt. It makes it much easier to peel the Wonder-Under off the back of the felt!

5. Now it's time to iron the Wonder-Under to the felt! To do this place the shiny rough side of the Wonder-Under to the WRONG side of the felt pattern piece. Press for 5-8 seconds with a hot, dry iron. Let cool. Repeat for all your felt pieces.

6. Next, carefully peal the Wonder-Under off the back of the felt. Position each of your pieces onto your page with the fusible web side DOWN. Cover with a damp press cloth and then press firmly for 10-15 seconds with a hot iron. Repeat, lifting and overlapping the iron until all pieces are fused. Remove press cloth and iron the page to dry excess moisture.  

NOTE: Rather than pressing all the pieces down at the same time I often do one piece at a time so that I can make sure that they get fused in the correct spot. I'm always worried that if I fuse too many of the pieces at once, something might shift a little and come out funny looking. 

7. Once all your pieces are fused, admire your work and start embellishing!

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