Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updated Pure Vitamin C Powder, Argan oil and Retin A (Renova)

I have been mixing pure Vitamin C powder with water, making a paste, and applying to my face.  If you try this, you need to be careful because it does tend to sting.  I know that Philosophy also has Vitamin C powder but I find that the powder that I bought at Amazon is alot bettr.  Sometimes, I use this as a scrub or leave on over night.  You can mix with almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil or even vitamin E oil.  I find that Vitamin C powder tends to boost my collagen and make my face look less aged, if you will.  This website which is a forum on skin care called has recipes for making Vitamin C serums.  I find it easier just to mix the powder with water or oil.

Someone told me about Argan Oil and I have been using Josie Moran's argan oil that I bought through QVC.  In fact, I got a kit from QVC that includes the oil, a tinted moisturizer, lip gloss and mascara.  Her products are fabulous.  The oil lasts forever as you only need a little. Oh, yes, it included cheek stain that is really neat and all of the products have argan oil in them.  I like it because it really seems to add moisture to your skin.

Retin A - my dermatologist said that she could tell the women who came through her door who used Retin A.  Obviously, I had not.  She gave me a prescription and wow, what a sticker shock!  It is very expensive.  Thank goodness she gave me a discount coupon to give the pharmacist.  I think that maybe it keeps wrinkles at bay at the very least.  However, a friend of mine has used it for years and she doesn't have any wrinkles.  Through the forum mentioned above, I read that a lot of the frequenters of that forum buy their Retin A through All Day Chemists, a pharmacy in India.  You do not need a prescription.  I ordered several tubes (about $4 per tube) and have been just as satisfied with this as what my Derm prescribed.  You would have to decide this for yourself.  I ordered a stronger strength than what my Derm gave me.

Next, I will talk about my experience with DIY chemical peels.

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