Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If Trees Could Talk - Poem

I wrote this poem when the Atlanta Journal Constitution was doing an article on trees.  Parts of the poem was published in the Sunday edition (several years ago).

If Trees Could Talk

Listen to the trees bending to the wind;
 swaying back and fro again.

If trees could talk,
I wonder what they would say?
Oh, how I long to take a walk
on a midsummer day
and listen to the stories trees could relay.

Oh, the tales they must know;
the history, the mystery;
they could set my heart aglow
with their words flowing blissfully.

Some trees could whisper about Paul Revere
filling in all of the gaps of yesteryear.
Oh, the stories trees could lay in our laps
Hear them singing in the breeze?
Oh, they do like to tease.

Oh, if trees could talk!
I would love to hear a live oak.
I would take a long, slow walk
Listen to the wind as it softly spoke.

Oh, if trees could talk!

Think of a live oak bending in the wind

With a limb extending to your ear

To whisper a naughty tale or two!

Share with me, you big ole tree
all that you have lived to see.
I admire your stature and your class;
the knowledge that lives within your past.
Your roots stand out like a piece of gold
you age so gracefully, you will never grow old!

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