Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Larkinsville Shuffle

So, as many of you may or may not know, I am from a small town in Northeast Alabama called Larkinsville.  Larkinsville is near Scottsboro.  So, I was watching Dancing with the Stars out of sheer boredom the other night.  I made a comment that someone couldn't dance that was performing on the show.  So, Mr. Smarty Pants remarked, "you are one to talk, Ms. Larkinsville Shuffle.
" What?," I asked.
"You always dance the Larkinsville shuffle," he said as he made a hasty retreat downstairs back to whatever he was watching or doing.
 So, I have had  crazy lyrics going through my head about "The Larkinsville Shuffle". So, in an attempt to get this out of my head,  I decided to do a dump from brain to paper hopefully never to hear this again.

Larkinsville Shuffle?  WTH?

The Larkinsville Shuffle

Hey, hey, hey
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle
Come on Baby Get on the Floor
Take your time, take it real slow
Shake it now Baby, Twist it to the floor
Hey, Hey, Hey
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle
How low can you go...
Yeah, yeah, yea
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle...

Slide, Slide, SLide
Get on your Pony and Ride, Ride Ride
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle
Move it real slow
Whoa, whoa whoa
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle
Ah, Ah ah ha
twirl it now baby, twirl it some more, mo mo mo
SLide it to the left, slide it to the right
hitch hike baby, with all your might...
Yeah, yeah yeah
Do the Larkinsville Shuffle...
Whoa Whoa Whoa
Let's do it once more,,,,more more

Yee haw!!

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