Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bridge

So quite the controversy over whether or not to save a bridge.  Some might think of it as an eye sore.  Especially, as this bridge seems to block a lot of the view of the Tennessee River.  However, those that love history, love saving things, etc. want to save the bridge.  They do not want it torn down and sold as scrap metal.  And, some folks just don't give a tinkers damn either way.

But, me?  Well, I had a dream about that old weather beaten bridge.  I was driving from Atlanta to the Boro coming down the mountain..highway whatever and I always look forward to seeing the Tennessee River.  But, it was dark and I did not expect to see much.  The closer I got, I saw it. The NEW bridge.  Yes, it was about 10 PM.  And, the lights started at one end of the bridge and they lit up all over that bridge.  These lights sent shivers of diamonds into the Tennessee River.  I mean the River was sparkling like all of Elizabeth Taylor's jewels rolled into one.   And, that old bridge looked like a version of the Eiffel Tower.  And, as I neared the "new" way into the city, I saw dozens of cars parked everywhere.  And, low and behold.  There was an elevator that was slowly going to the top of that bridge.  To the very top.  I got dizzy in my dream just thinking about that.  The lights were on in that little platform like elevator and I saw a beautiful girl.  Oh, you know where I am going.  So, she got out of the elevator onto the platform (yes, the town had built a standing platform on top of the bridge) and I saw her standing there.  Then, the elevator went back down and up again.  I pulled over on the shoulder of the road and watched.  The girl and her beau got back into car/elevator and road back down and hand in hand, they walked over to a little chapel.  And, there they said their wedding vows.  Yes, they met on top of the bridge.  You know, Cary Grant got left at the Empire State Building and so did Tom Hanks and God only knows who else.  As they were on top of the platform, guess what began to play?  The Tennessee Waltz and the Rhett Butler looking handsome guy took her into his arms and they danced a bit.

Wow!  What a dream.  And, yes.  Before I awoke, I made a date to meet at the top of that bridge sometime in the future.  We shall see!!

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