Friday, February 1, 2013


Mimi’s Wrinkle-Spicious-licious Cupcakes

“No! Oh,no! Mimi cried.  Who is that woman staring at me?”

“Where, Mimi,” Taylor said.  Taylor picked up her favorite rubber duck and squeezed a stream of water into the tub.  “More bubbles, please?” she asked. Taylor gave her yellow duck a great big hug.

Mimi turned her face this way and that closing her eyes for a minute.  She opened them.  No, they did not go away.  “I don’t know who that wrinkled face is Mimi sighed.”

“Oh, Mimi, It’s you in the mirror, Taylor replied.  Look at my ducky,” Taylor cried.

Mimi sighed, “My face looks like a road map of Manhattan.”

“What’s Manhattan?” Taylor asked.  Taylor was busy as a bee splashing water everywhere but Mimi didn’t seem to care.  Mimi could see Taylor in the mirror.  Taylor was having so much fun.

Mimi poured more bubbles in the water and whirled her hand around to make more bubbles.

“Wrinkles, wrinkles, I’m so suspicious of more wrinkles to come.”  Mimi sighed. 

“How about a little shopping trip, Taylor?” Mimi asked.  Mimi held Taylor’s favorite towel and wrapped it around Taylor.  “We’re going for a ride.”

Mimi tightened Taylor’s carseat and asked, “Snug as a bug in a rug, Taylor?”

“I love shopping,” Taylor smiled.

Off they went!  Mimi wiped the shopping cart and placed Taylor into the cart. 

“Must not forget to fasten the straps,” Mimi reminded herself.  Mimi was on a mission and Taylor was content to go along for the ride. 

“Wrinkle creams, wrinkle lotions, fine lines, anti-aging, oh no!” Mimi shook her head.    So many creams from which to chose.  Lotions, creams, Mimi got them all.

On the way back home, Mimi said, “ Taylor, I will not look like a dried up old prune, when I dance at your wedding, I will have no wrinkles at all.”

Mimi and Taylor got back home with a bag bursting at the seams with Mimi’s potions and lotions and wrinkle creams.

Taylor yawned and settled down for a little nap and when she woke her energy was renewed.  Mimi sat snoozing in her favorite chair.  Taylor climbed into her lap and gave a little shout, “Let’s make cupcakes, Mimi, pink ones!”

Mimi grinned, “Pink ones it is.”

Taylor sat on the counter and helped Mimi stir and mix all of the ingredients, she counted a total of six.

Into the oven went all twenty-four cupcakes, Taylor counted them all –“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four!”

“Good, Taylor, Mimi said.  I don’t think we could bake anymore.”

The cupcakes were done, they sprang back when touched.  When the cupcakes cooled, the fun part began, Mimi iced a cupcake and twirled the icing around.   Taylor and Mimi laughed and giggled and licked the spoon.  They would be eating pink cupcakes really soon.  Taylor looked at Mimi, and Mimi laughed some more.  “Let’s go look in the mirror,Taylor,” Mimi picked Taylor up and held her in front of a mirror.  “A little pink icing here a little pink icing there,” Mimi pointed out.  Taylor gave a little shout.  There was pink icing on her nose and in her hair a little bit of icing everywhere. 

“You look like a little clown,” Mimi giggled as she looked into the mirror.  What did she see?  Two people happy as could be.

Back in the kitchen, Taylor swirled more icing on a cupcake and held it up for Mimi to see.  “Wrinkle spicious-licious,” Taylor said with glee.

Mimi laughed and gave her a hug.  “so it is, my little chick-a-dee.”  Though wrinkles may come, I doubt they will go, as long as Mimi has Taylor and wrinkle spicious-licious cupcakes to eat, what a lasting treat.


And, as Taylor would say,


The End



Recipe for Wrinkle Spicious-Licious Cupcakes


Lots of love

One box of cake mix

One bowl of pink icing

Bake, eat, ice and enjoy!

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